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Recent news received from Alice


An extra piece of land that joins the plot of the nursery building has been purchased to give the children more room to play and hopefully to make room for some more dormitories. A sponsored Marathon has made it possible to buy some swings, slides and merry go rounds to put here for the use of the children.


The large hall, which is the top floor of one of the classroom blocks, has been very useful in many different ways. However, when it is needed for exams lots of benches and forms have to be carried up the stairs. To prevent this being necessary we have bought some single desks which will stay permanently in the hall but can be pushed to the back when an open space is needed.


A planter (or seed drill) has been purchased for the farm. This will mean that a larger amount of seed can be planted when the rainy season starts to take advantage of the best growing conditions. Plans are afoot to put in an irrigation system on the farm as the rainy seasons are not as dependable as they used to be and some crops are being lost due to lack of water.


Alice and Claire came to the UK in June 2016 and we hope many of you had a chance to meet up with them. Unfortunately Claire could only stay a short time because of her pregnancy but Alice got around the country to many different locations. Both are now back in Uganda and Claire has delivered a bouncing baby boy by the name of Dante. 

Alice and John have 5 grandsons now and another child on the way. I think maybe they are hoping for a granddaughter this time!